Meet the Colossians Team

Brett Howe


Brett believes Bitcoin will bring about a new monetary system which can benefit everyone. He is passionate about Colossians vision to mine Bitcoin using waste energy. As Colossians leader, Brett strives to direct and support Bitcoiners to better secure the Bitcoin network through global hashrate distribution and decentralization.

Clay Howe


With prior experience in oil and gas, Clay is passionate about integrating Bitcoin mining into traditional production operations. He is keen on working with producers to introduce the applications of Bitcoin mining for vent, flared, and waste gas. Clay sees the potential for Bitcoin mining to allow operators to manage and convert waste gas into a universal store of value, to ensure they capture the full value of their asset.

Amanda Lonnberg


Amanda looks to present Bitcoin in a manner that can be easily understood by any level of Bitcoiner. Coming from a background in digital media, Amanda sees the opportunity to present information in a way that simplifies a complex topic.

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